The Olympics and Osteopathy

A total of 25 osteopaths were involved, caring for athletes, and their medical staff, in the polyclinics at the Olympic Village, Eton Dorney and Weymouth. This has been a historical moment for osteopathy as this has been the very first time osteopaths have been represented at the games.

Barbara and the Olympics

Being selected to be part of team GB medical team has been truly an honour and to be one those that were selected to represent not only myself but my profession as been an amazing experience.

To be part of a multidisciplinary clinic has been truly enlightening. I arrive for my first shift to be greeted by a GP, sports doctor, pharmacist, dentist, radiographer, nurse, physiotherapist, chiropractor and sports massage therapist we worked out to be a great team all working together to provide the best support to the athletes.

Paralympic sailing event

Working with the paralympians was a humbling and quite honestly the most gratifying work I have ever done. They may have been physically challenged but definitely not disabled.

Osteopathy will hopefully continue to be represented at the games and the London team will be handing over the torch to the medical team at the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

Participating nations’ flags