Welwyn Garden City Osteopath

I have been seeing Barbara for a couple of months now and she has relieved my ongoing neck problem which was giving me severe headaches and has helped with my back. She is very flexible and accommodating with times to see me which is great as I have two young children. I would definitely recommend her.

Anna Marshall


Barbara has been treating me for some 15 years. She is a first class osteopath and I can highly recommend her. I see Barbara regularly (say every couple of months) for a general treatment /check up and to treat a general stiffness in my back and neck. In addition I broke my hip in 2008 and she together with Pilates hastened and has maintained my recovery. Recently she has successfully diagnosed and treated a shoulder injury and an injury to 2 discs in my back. She has a clinic at my Pilates class and works with them to ensure that I do the correct exercises.

She is professional , knowledgable and trustworthy.

Jane Simpson

Welwyn Garden City Osteopath

I am so pleased that I found a local osteopath called Barbara Sherringham. Barbara has not only been able to maintain my back, but has helped with problems with my neck and my knees. She really is extremely knowledgeable and interesting to learn from.

I can recommend Barbara to anyone, and I would suggest sometimes having the longer session which covers both back and legs.

E J Clark, Welwyn Garden City


Barbara has been providing me with osteopathy treatment for 8 years. I never fail to be impressed by Barbara’s ability to quickly diagnose the precise root of my problems and her skills at alleviating both skeletal and muscular tensions. Unlike some other professionals I have taken treatments from, Barbara works to resolve the causes as well as the symptoms of discomfort. I would highly recommend her to others.

Upper back pain

After a few years of struggling with upper back ache and spending a fortune on a chiropractor that I saw for nearly a year with little improvement, I went to see Barbara. She diagnosed me, gave me preventative exercises to correct my posture and within weeks I had more movement and for the first time in a very long time – pain-free nights! Thank you Barbara!

Barbara is the best

I go to Barbara when I’m in deep trouble. My neck has usually frozen up or I’ve got a bad spasm. I know that a visit to her will set me straight and bring instant relief. Thanks for everything Barbara!